20 Top Choices from the List of Schools in Greater Noida for 2024 

List of Schools in Greater Noida: See the Top 20 Options for 2024 

Choosing the right school for your child can be a challenge, especially when there’s a never-ending list of schools in Greater Noida. Yes, it’s true. Today, Greater Noida has many schools that claim to be the best. But it’s crucial to do the proper research before finalising any school for your kids. This single decision can change your kid’s life. Thus, we recommend parents to do their research properly before making any choice. 

We now offer a list that will help you make an informed choice. Our dedicated panel of independent scouts visits each school regularly to evaluate its performance on various parameters like educational activities, security, infrastructure, sports etc. We ensure that our list of schools in Greater Noida is updated every month, so you get the latest information about the schools in Noida.

list of schools in Greater Noida

20 Best School in Noida to Consider for 2024 Session Admission 

  1. Sarvotham International School
  2. St. John’s Senior Secondary School
  4. Gaur International School
  5. DPS World School
  6. Aster Public School
  7. Ryan International school
  8. Pacific World School
  9. Shri Ram Global School
  10. St Francis School
  11. Manthan School
  12. BGS Vijnatham School
  13. JM International School
  14. Lotus Valley School
  15. Gagan Public School
  16. The Infinity School
  17. GD Goenka International School
  18. The Millennium School & Sports Complex
  19. Florence International School
  20. The Wisdom Tree School

Enrol your kids to Greater Noida’s Best School in 2024- SKSWS

Finding the best school option for your child is a big challenge. There is a long list of schools in Greater Noida and finding the one that is best for your child can be daunting. Every school has its own pros and cons, so it is better to compare schools before making your decision. But if you are looking for the best one from the above list k, then go with SKSWS without any doubt in 2024.